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A Data Repository of WWI Era Holiness & Pentecostals

In the process of trying to establish what Pentecostals and Holiness folks did in practice during WWI, I realized I needed to construct a database of names and demographic information about Pentecostal and Holiness people who lived during that time. I have constructed a database of those living about the time of World War I. My data points are generally from 1910 to 1925. The World War I draft was from June 1917 through 1918.

The database

Thus far, I have collected over 9,000 names. Over 7,800 are males, and almost 1,200 females. Since I was looking for male names to look up draft cards, many of the female names I ran across were not collected into the database. I found about 3,000 draft cards. There were two main drafts: June 5, 1917 and Sept. 12, 1918. The 1917 draft was targeting men in their 20s and asked if they were requesting exemption. The 1918 draft gives no evidence of exemption. Most cards were 1918, and give no evidence. Still, I have found almost 1,100 Holiness or Pentecostal men who claimed religious conscientious objection to war in WWI. For all of the approximately 3,000 draft cards I have basic demographic information of geography, age, occupation, marital and family status. Certainly, these have other uses besides the question of pacifism. For example, historians have made arguments for the degree to which early Pentecostals were poor and social outsiders. This data should prove useful in that discussion. In time, I hope to make this database available for a wider discussion.