Sometime before 1907, Frank Sanford wrote, Revelation. In it, he taught Pacifism, which was the rule for The Kingdom.

Here is the faith and patience of the saints, "He that takes the sword must perish with the sword." In other words, every man that takes worldly weapons to defend himself must in that manner perish. What have I always taught you? Not to resist evil. He says, "If my kingdom were of this world, then would my people fight." He that takes the sword in the troublesome times that are coming are going to perish, and he that does not is going to suffer. To suffer rather than fight men with carnal weapons is where the faith and patience of the saints comes in.1

During World War I, with Shiloh in serious decline, and Sanford in Atlanta Penitentiary, Sanford had a new revelation in which God revealed that WWI was the war of Armageddon and the U.S. would come to the aid of Israel and be on the winning side. He called upon all young men in the movement to join the military. One follower, August Frank Marsteller, was pacifist on his draft card, giving witness to the earlier view.2

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