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From the Back Cover:

“In this remarkable book Jay Beaman and Brian Pipkin demonstrate that the rejection of war was central to many early Holiness and Pentecostal Christians.  This book will challenge the complacency of manyof their heirs and remind us that nonviolence is the common heritage of many so-called evangelicals in the United States and around the world.”
---William Kostlevy, Tabor College

“Reading this book will remind Pentecostals of their spiritual ancestors and what they did in favor of peace and justice, and it will remind non-Pentecostals that the stereotypes of ‘social strike’ and ‘refuge of the masses’ do not always adequately describe the life and mission of all Pentecostal believers and churches around the world.”
---Dario Lopez Rodriguez, Gamaliel Biblical Seminary of the Chuch of God

“Being a conscientious objector to war and violence doesn’t mean you are part of a unique community or an exclusive club, and CO is not simply the domain of the historic peace churches.  Politics and other earthly pressures aside, being a CO to war and violence is what it means to be human.  Thanks to Jay and Brian for this poignant reminder.”
---Maria Santelli, Center on Conscience & War