Unlike other Pentecostal groups, I have found few draft cards with Religious objection to war. I have found ministerial and family exemptions and some who were arrested for failure to register.

Religious Objectors

Ozro Thurston Jones

Harry E Shoettley

Failure to Register

Jack Wright

Church of God in Christ


Of Magistrates and Civil Governments.

We believe that civil magistrates are ordained for the peace, safety, and good of the people. That it is our duty to pray for them, and obey them in all things which is not contrary to the word of God, and that does not take authority over, or force the conscience in matters of bearing arms or going to war. That it is our duty to honor them, pay tribute, to respect them in all lawful requirements of civil government.

The Church of God in Christ today

This church is perhaps the only Pentecostal denomination of any size that is currently officially on record against members participating in war.