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Pentecostal / Holiness Pacifist Roots

Pentecostal Pacifism Roots

Holiness Pacifism Roots

The very first Pentecostal, Agnes Ozman, was a Pacifist

Rex Humbard's Father was a Pacifist

Sons of Ex-slave were Pacifist to WWI

Sergeant York

Walter Hollenweger accuses Pentecostals of mutilating their history to excise radical pacifism, female leadership, and critiques of capitalism

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Pentecostal and Holiness Pacifism

Jay Beaman, Ph.D.

This site is dedicated to the history of Pentecostal and Holiness Pacifism and related topics.  Did you know that Pentecostal denominations have not always been militaristic?  For example, during World War I, Pentecostals widely professed pacifism, the active promotion of peace, and resisted active participation in warfare.  Pentecostal men registered for the draft as religious objectors to war.  I am estimating that in the United States, between 5% and 10% of all conscientious objectors in World War I were Pentecostals or Holiness men.  This is all the more astounding since Pentecostalism as a movement was about ten years old, and was quite small. 

The Radical wing of the Holiness Movement was also drawn to pacifism, some as late as World War I. Some Holiness groups were attracted to pacifsm after World War I.

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